Lula Azorey is ARKA Living's Director and Curator, Azorey studied from 1986 to 1989 in the Visual Arts School Raúl Gómez García in Cuba, interacting with well-known artists as Pepe Franco, Zaida del Rio and others, then she joined the ISDI to Study Interior Design from 1990 to 1993. Since then Lula has been submerged into the artistic taste of different cultures, colors and atmospheres, working on different artistic projects in Latin America and USA. In 2011 Lula moved to Malaysia where she fulfilled her interior and artistic style to start pursuing the Modern Organic Furniture endeavors she loved, and be able to offer a unique and natural living environment to others.

Lula Azorey has an exquisite taste for Interior Styles and Designs which allow her to properly select furniture pieces and elements that provide the tools to Interior Designers and Architects to fully utilize their maximum creative potential.

Lourdes Azorey currently lives and works in Houston, Texas. She opened her studio in Houston Museum District in 2015 combining her products with modern organic furniture products from ARKA that matches her design preferences, earth loving spirit and modern lifestyle.

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