About Lula

Besides being ARKA's Director, Lula has a natural passion and education on Art and she is fascinated on how the mix of colors has such an impact in our life and the way we perceive the world, in short for Lula Art is the center of the universe where the answer to all our questions are found.

Lula Azorey (Havana, Cuba) makes three dimensional and two dimensional work. Azorey combine colors, materials and textures; set in different layers to create a sense of happiness and love for nature and life.

Her work represents the happiness and joy of on her experience with friends and spontaneous social interactions on exotic and diverse environments in Cuba and across Latin America, USA and Asia.

Azorey studied from 1986 to 1989 in the Visual Arts School Raúl Gómez García in Cuba, interacting with well-known artists as Pepe Franco, Zaida del Rio and others, then she joined the ISDI to Study Interior Designs from 1990 to 1993. Lula moved to Latin America in 1993 where she performed shows of visual art at private locations, charity and other special events in Venezuela, Ecuador and Mexico.

In 2009, Lula started using a combination of glass and mosaic techniques on sculptures in her work, participating in private and galleries shows in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Texas, USA.

The results are colourful and refreshing artwork to the extent that you could feel the fulfilling experiences of life, happiness and britghtness through the work and environments where the pieces are located. By choosing mainly colors, textures and combining them with different surfaces and forms she creates work in which a fascination with the clarity, fulfilment and modernisn of content and an uncompromising attitude towards unique, classic and modern art can be found. The work is alive and even two dimensional work tends to carry three dimensional experiences.

Lourdes Azorey currently lives and works in Houston, Texas. She opened her studio in Houston Museum District in 2015 combining her products with modern organic furniture from ARKA that matches her design preferences, earth living spirit and modern lifestyle.

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