Sustainable Living


We believe that nature provides a unique sense of uniqueness and are part of a balance life, not only we focus on using reclaimed wood, abandon wood and sustainable wood, but we invest back to nature multiple times what we consume.  Using wood for furniture, incentivize more planting and therefore helps to aim a more balanced Environment, with more trees, more oxygen, stronger soil and larger animal community.

At ARKA we plant at least 100 times more what we consume, for example when our customer purchase a wood slab (slice), we plant an average of 10-15 trees, which would allow to obtain more than 100 slabs of the similar size.

It does not matter what the product our customer buys, either fabric, rattan, bronze, etc, we will plant a tree for every $500 of spend, this ensure that we do our part to contribute to the planet. 

We plant the trees through a recognized tree planting organizations, we plant the trees in tropical countries, in raining forest, to get larger trees and the fastest pace as possible. We plant in Southeast Asia, providing work to locals and ensuring sustainability to the locals.

We are the only company selling wood products of our style that highly contributes back to nature, the main reason is that we want our business value to persist after multiple generations, bringing value to customers to connect with Nature in and out their homes.

We have to thanks our customer for the support to our sustainability program.



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