Modern primitive interiors and exteriors



As part of the our leadership in the Modern primitive interior style in the US, we decided that we need to share our knowledge and deploy a blog based on modern rustic primitive interiors and exteriors, with special focus on masterly handcrafted products, starting from the design, crafting and how to integrate them to our lifestyle. We provide ideas on how to integrate modern primitive, handmade and natural products to different interior preference .

Live edge wood furniture combined with metal and stone furniture are widely discussed in our website. Live edge dining, live edge benches, live edge wood consoles, desk and coffee tables are a key element to create the modern primitive ambiance.

Live edge stone elements similarly complement you current living areas and immediately creates a relaxing effect in you spaces, we discuss about the alternative on how to fit stone elements peacefully and harmonically.

Hand carved metal are also a critical part of creating modern primitive ambiances, element such as lamps, accessories, metal tables, metal consoles and coffee tables complement you areas, while providing a sense of interaction with primitive and millenaries cultures.

Other elements, such a handmade tiles, vintage textiles,  handwoven palm furniture, rattan lamps, bohemian designs are also very important enhancements of your ambiances and we will cover through our post their importance and how they provide the unique vibes that take us back to where we came from and help us maintain our humble soul.

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