Live Edge Table and Furniture, durable solid wood and traditional handcrafting

Live Edge is a term that is often used when talking about interior decoration options. But what is Live Edge? Today, we have a concise guide about what the term means and how it will uplift the aesthetics of your home. Live Edge Tables refer to that style of Table making which removes the bark of the tree but leaves the natural texture of the wood creating a unique look and pattern for each table or furniture piece, which is created from solid wooden slabs. For a durable and nice live edge table, you most source only the highest quality wood for this kind of woodworking, the best to deliver a beautiful product. A variety of wood types are used for Live Edge Tables, we prefer to use woods with character and distinct grain variety of colors and textures to beech for its strength, straight grain and soft hue. Reclaimed wood can also be used for Live Edge Tables and in no way does it fall short in terms of beauty and durability while also being environmentally friendly. An extended drying process (2-4 years) and a high level of craftsmanship is required for creating  a quality Live Edge Tables as the knots, whorls and cracks need to be incorporated into the final design such that it delivers a beautiful, finished product whose idiosyncrasies make it unique from every other solid wood table rather than a roughly finished eyesore. With the right finish, there is no cover up of the natural texture of the wood making up the table, rather, it is enhanced. Live Edge Tables and other furnishings with this finish were introduced and popularized by Nakashima, the mid-century Japanese-American furniture maker. Thanks to his entrepreneurship Live Edge Tables are now not considered a part of rough, rustic settings but also of modern homes. But why choose Live Edge? Surely I can buy a solid wood table of a clean cut design, you might be thinking. In answer, Live Edge Tables can fit into almost any kind of decorative style, be it modern, rustic chic, industrial, cozy home, minimalist- the list can go on and on.  With the beauty and characters of design crafted live edge wood, you can add to your spaces any furniture elements such a live edge coffee tables,  consoles, table tops, headboards, TV consoles, bathroom consoles etcetera to  satisfy your decorative needs. In fact, with every table being unique you will find that the knots, whorls and fissures of wood will lend more charm and character to your interior than any other simple straight cut design or an industrial engineering wood table.

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