Zellige Terra Cotta Moroccan Tile, Blue 7

Zellige Terra Cotta Moroccan Tile, Blue 7

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Zellige terra cotta Moroccan tile (PRICE PER Sqft), beautiful tile handmade in the Fez are of Morocco, passing the identity of a legendary design crafting technique. These moroccan decorative tile provide the perfect element to create your decorative wall, floor or project.
Experience the wabi-sabi life style and start accepting and appreciating the beauty of imperfection and ingenuity of down-to-earth handmade products. The beauty of the moroccan terracottas tiles is based on the rudimentary process that generates rough and mixed sort of finishing, colors and brightness. Each tile measures 2" x2" x 3/8" The 1st Square foot pays a $7 shipping cost in the US and not additional cost for additional quantities, minimum order quantity 1sqft.

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