As part of our vision to help our customers create relaxing and authentic living spaces, we offer a line of services to facilitate the process and make home your own vacation retreat that is connected with nature and made with the best design craftsmanship.
New Construction
At ARKA we work closely with your architect to ensure that the project goes smoothly. We provide detailed and realistic rendering to experience your home before it is actually built.
We bring contractors with specific knowledge of using our products or collaborate with your architect and/or construction company to renovate all types of spaces, including your entire home, kitchen, bathrooms, living room, etc. Let's renovate the vibes of your home. Let's renovate your home and make every day feel like a vaction day.
Interior Design + Decor
Whether you are looking to decorate a bathroom, living area, a room of your house or the full house, we take care of all the details of integrating natural products with other furniture elements within the agreed timeline, so you can really relax and enjoy

Our Process

Each project begins with a thorough discussion to establish your needs and preferences, determine scope, timeline and figure out how you want your home to feel and the environment you want to create.
After meeting with you, we will create visual representations of your spaces. We will incorporate natural and one of a kind furniture and materials with your style which will drive the design of the project.  
Collaborating with you we create a schematic design of your home, making sure everything is fine-tuned.
After refining the design we will order the furnishing, decor and finishes for your home.
We will facilitate renovations and construction, as well as install the furnishing accessories, and art for your home.
After thoughtful curation and exceptional interior design is complete your home is ready to be cherished. Welcome home.