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About Lula

After two years of a fulfilling living experience with my family in Malaysia, and only a few days left before moving back to Houston, I required an urgent and critical surgery. Thankfully, it wasn't serious, after hearing the great news as my husband, Jose and I drove back home we saw a store selling handmade wood tables and had to stop. Since then we fell in love with design-crafted interiors and decided to pursue our dream. Since 2015 we have been able to build a community (dream team) of what we consider the best design crafters from around the globe. 

My name is Lula, I studied art and Interior design in Cuba and after two unsuccessful attempts in escaping by boat from my homeland, I was finally able to fly away to Venezuela and become a free person. ARKA Living is the result of my unforgettable experiences in Cuba, the openness of all of the countries I have been lucky enough to appreciate their culture, lifetime friends, best business partners, the best customers in the world, and the love and support of my family.

About ARKA

ARKA is our dream of artistic freedom, it is our dream of a world where Artisans are paid much better than industrial production jobs and artistic traditions and heritage are sustained and passed from generation to generation. We welcome you to visit our brick and mortar showroom in Houston Museum District and support our dream, the dream of our artisans and your dream of relaxing, natural and unique atmospheres. Contact us if you want us to build your dream home project, combining one-of-a-kind items from far cultures and making your home an authentic space that represents you and your soul. 

ARKA is headquartered in the design district of Houston, Texas. We work as a full service interior design firm and integrate our variety of products brought from different regions of Africa, South East Asia, and the Mediterranean with the modern world. All together we shape a harmonious atmosphere in which the mixture of history and art give an aura of mysticism and contemplation at home or in the business office. We also specialize in bathrooms, and swimming pools as we produce and import our own custom-designed tiles, natural stones, and flooring. We devote our existence to contribute preserving our diverse cultural heritage; we have a network of the best design crafters from around the globe.  

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