Pictures from The Giri and The Purist Projects. Special thanks to

Alberto Cortes and Yvonne Hulst


We specialize in design based on relaxing lifestyles, primarily down-to-earth, architecture, combining natural products and constructions techniques to create enjoyable spaces. From the selection property to the architectural and interior design, planning, procurement of unique and high quality materials and reliable construction; we manage one or all of these elements, taking into account the unique requirements and cost basis of the projects.

Organic Architecture

The Relax Luxury lifestyle starts with the building experience and how it fusions with the environment, our designs are peaceful and intriguing thanks to the use of properly selected natural products combined with modern technique and elements that provides a unique experience to the residents, high quality natural products that are used as part of the project while maintaining their original form and beauty, We strongly believe that the quality of the products are more important than the design itself, it is why we believe that the first step for a successful project is the appropriate site selection and the quality of the products used to create your project. After the first requirements are met, then it comes the work of the designer to properly arrange all the elements in line with the natural flow of the space.

Relaxing Bathrooms

Bathrooms are the most intimate spaces in our house, we focus on creating fusion of natural products with properly distributed areas, so you can enjoy the most out of your bath experience. We have mastered the bathroom experience to make sure you relax the most at the bath.

Indoors to Experience

We aim to integrate the indoors to the rest of the spaces, lifestyle and the surroundings, so you can balance your energy and spirit and seamlessly become part of the whole experience. The use of 3D surfaces along with top quality products allows you to connect with the beauty of the perfect imperfections of nature.

Outdoors to let your mind wonder

Our outdoor spaces let you enjoy the beauty of nature, creating relaxing areas that let you admire the wonders of being outdoors, we focus on designs that are well aligned with the full home concept, providing a new level of comfort and admiration.

Furniture that gives you butterflies

Every element that fills your interiors are made from the best product sources and masterly handcrafted to let nature express itself. Our interiors are the results of the knowledge of raw material selection along with the art of letting the spirit of our natural pieces flow to create a unique experience to the spectators.

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